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  1. What is the Freedom Flag program?
  2. Longview Rotary Freedom Flag Project is a yearly subscription based program. Your annual commitment will enable Rotarians to place an American Flag at your home to show your patriotic spirit on four separate holidays while also supporting charitable projects within our community and beyond.

  3. What are the holidays?
  4. Veterans Day, Independence Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day

  5. Who can participate?
  6. Longview area residents within the City of Longview and/or Longview School District. Residences in rural areas outside the City limits will be considered on a case by case basis based on travel time and ease of installation.

    Businesses with landscaped, non-paved surfaces that are easily accessible and visible to the street can also participate.

  7. Can I pay by credit card?
  8. Yes, if you sign up via our website.

  9. Do I have to use the website to sign up for Freedom Flags?
  10. No. You can download an order form from our website and then follow the instructions of where to mail your check and order form, or request an application by phone.

  11. How much does it cost?
  12. It costs $50 for 4 holidays. It will be prorated at $12.50 per holiday if you sign up after the start of the Longview Rotary year which begins July 1 of each year.

  13. When does the subscription period begin? End?
  14. Annual subscriptions costing $50 will run from Veterans Day through Independence Day.

  15. Where does the money go?
  16. The money goes to the Longview Rotary Club. The funds are then dispensed to the many projects Longview Rotary does locally including scholarships, supporting literacy programs in Longview schools such as the Little Library book exchanges at each elementary school, community service projects such as the Shay Locomotive, Kelso Spray Park, community gardens.

  17. Can I have multiple flags?
  18. Yes, depending on suitability of flag installation area. Neighborhoods are encouraged to collaborate to show your American pride and fly the red, white, and blue! Additional flags are available at a reduced annual subscription rate of $40 per year.

  19. What can I expect to happen once I subscribe?
  20. Prior to the next holiday, Longview Rotarians will place a 14 inch PVC pipe/sleeve at ground level to serve as the flag pole holder at your home. The schedule of placement and retrieval may vary due to inclement weather. Ideal location is the parking strip and/or directly behind the sidewalk along the frontage of your residence.

  21. How will the flag be installed on my property?
  22. A Rotary member will identify the area where your flag is to be displayed. If you have a particular location in mind, please let us know by calling (360)425-3524; emailing to; or including a note on your subscription form. Otherwise, we will place the flag in our standard location which varies with each neighborhood. After marking the intended location with a white X in white circle, we will contact local Washington Utility Location Center (UULC) 1 (800)424-5555 (811) to mark utilities in-the- vicinity of the desired location. Once UULC has marked the utilities (which normally takes about three days), we will install a metal sleeve approximately 14” long and 1” in diameter in your yard into which we will place the flag pole on the four designated holidays. The top of the sleeve will be flush with the bottom of your turf or landscaping so that it will not interfere with your mower. A yellow plastic plug will be inserted in the sleeve to protect it from filling with debris. The plug will be removed when the flag is placed and be reinserted when the flag is retrieved. The sleeve will remain in place; ready for the next holiday.

  23. What if a sprinkler pipe or utility line is broken during installation?
  24. Hopefully the markings from UULC (see answer #11) and your knowledge of your underground piping will prevent this mistake. If we do harm something, we will arrange to repair it right away.

  25. What do we do if we move in the middle of our subscription period?
  26. Congratulations on your new home! If you are moving to another house within the Longview Rotary Freedom Flags service area you can notify us by email at or by calling (360)425-3524 and we will make arrangements to install a sleeve at your new home. If you move outside our service area, please notify us so we can cancel your subscription. There is no refund for cancelling; however, we will continue to place a flag for the new owners, with their permission, for the remaining subscription period.

  27. When will the flag be put up and taken down?
  28. The flag and post will be installed a day or two before the holiday and remain until a day after.

  29. What if my flag has been stolen or damaged?
  30. Contact us at (360)425-3524. We will be responsible for replacing or repairing it.

  31. Can I fly my flag 24 hours a day?
  32. It is the universal custom to display the flag only from sunrise to sunset. The American Legion and other veteran organizations support this protocol. If you prefer to follow this protocol, we ask that you retire the flag each evening. It is easy to pull the flag pole and reinsert

  33. What happens if it rains?
  34. No worries, after the holiday, when Longview Rotarians pick up the flags, they will be dried before they are stored. Rain will not hurt the flag but loving care will prolong the life.

  35. Do I have to sign up every year or does it just continue?
  36. Each year we will send you a notification requesting your approval along with payment. Renewal is completely your option.

  37. Can I purchase a Gift certificate for another Longview resident?
  38. Yes. Great gesture and very thoughtful gift. Just fill out an application in their name and submit with payment.

  39. Longview Rotary Flag Display Policy
  40. All subscribers are reminded of the United States Flag etiquette for display of the United States flags that all US flags displayed after dark shall properly illuminate the flag. From the United States American Legion, “Proper illumination” is a light specifically placed to illuminate the flag (preferred) or having a light source sufficient to illuminate the flag so it is recognizable as such by the casual observer.

    In order to properly illuminate the flag, Longview Rotary asks our subscribers to assist in our flag program by exercising the following options:

    Bring in the flag each evening and re-deploy the flag during the daylight hours;, or
    Purchase a solar powered flag display light. These lights are available at local hardware stores or there are multiple solar lights available online.

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