Freedom Flags Subscription

$50.00 / year

A one year recurrent subscription to the Rotary Club of Longview Washington’s Freedom Flags Program.   Cancel at any time.

Your subscription allows us to place a flag in front of your house during the following patriotic holidays:
Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day and Veterans Day.

Tell us where you want your flag placed.
All addresses must fall in the Longview, WA city limits.

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Freedom Flags

The Longview Rotary Flags Project is a yearly subscription based program. Your annual commitment will enable Rotarians to place an American Flag at your home to show your patriotic spirit on four separate holidays while also supporting charitable projects within our community and beyond.

Charitable Work

All revenue received through the Longview Rotary Flags will help support local programs such as the little free libraries, books to schools, scholarships, park improvements and internationally programs to help eradicate polio, provide drinking water, and install computer labs.


Rotarians will place a 14 inch PVC pipe/sleeve at ground level to serve as the flag pole holder at your home. The four holidays flags will be displayed are: Memorial Day, Independence Day, Presidents Day, & Veterans Day. Flags will be put into place just prior to the holiday and will be removed shortly after the holiday.

Longview Rotary Flag Display Policy:

All subscribers are reminded of the United States Flag etiquette for display of the United States flags that all US flags displayed after dark shall properly illuminate the flag. From the United States American Legion, “Proper illumination” is a light specifically placed to illuminate the flag (preferred) or having a light source sufficient to illuminate the flag so it is recognizable as such by the casual observer.

In order to properly illuminate the flag, Longview Rotary asks our subscribers to assist in our flag program by exercising the following options:

Bring in the flag each evening and re-deploy the flag during the daylight hours;, or
Purchase a solar powered flag display light. These lights are available at local hardware stores or there are multiple solar lights available online.

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